Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I love the spring time sports! Carter started baseball in April and finished up this month.  (Carter, sorry I didn't get any pictures this year). The girls have been playing softball all month.  We have loved going to all the kid's games! 

Carter was the 1st base coach at this game. Yay!!! One pictue of him in uniform!

Hali's team was the "Yellow Bananas"

Paige is playing 3rd base.  Her team name was "Purple Butterflies".

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The girls have been playing soccer this spring. This was a new sport in our family so it has been an adventure. They had a great season! I was really bad at taking pictures. We were usually just trying to keep warm!

The name of Paige's team was "Red Hots" and she was #5.  She loved soccer! She is so competitive!


 Hali's team name was "Golden Lions" and she was #8.  (The girls picked their #'s to match their age).  We only got one picture of Hali, and it happened to be when she was the goalie. (Sorry, Hali)  Not a lot of action down at her end! 

Monday, June 27, 2011


The kids finally got a pet. Just goldfish, though. ( those count as a pet????) They have been wanting some for a long time and I finally gave in. One day Paige came to me frustrated and said,"Reading books to fish is harder than I thought. They don't look at the pictures!" Then she wanted to show me how she was reading to them and this is what I found.
She surrounded them! She made it so they had no choice but to look at the pictures.

It was time for Hayden to get a haircut!  He didn't like it at all!  Paige fed him ice cream while I cut, so he did like that eating part. He was starting to look like a girl with his little comb-over.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


On March 10-14, Todd & I, and my parents went to Las Vegas for the Mountain West Tournament. We watched a lot of basketball, which was great! We had plenty of things to do during the day when we didn't have games to watch.
We went to the Shark Reef exhibit at Mandalay Bay and I wished our kids would have been with us to see it. They would have loved it!

My favorite was the Long Nose Saw Shark. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it was awesome!

We went to Hoover Dam and took a tour inside and saw the huge generators. It was really interesting and I thought of Carter the whole time. He would have loved it!

We had a lunch buffet at Bellagio one day (yum!), went to a movie at 12:00 am (so late!), and had no time for shopping (Todd was saved!).

We had a great time and dreaded coming back to the frigid Idaho weather. Good thing our kids were here to give us reason to come home. We sure missed them!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hayden started sucking his thumb! We have never had a thumb-sucker in our family and now was not the time to start. So I would watch him for a minute and think how cute he was, then pull it out. He didn't like his binkie because his mouth was just to small for it. He would either gag or just couldn't keep it in. Luckily the thumb only lasted about a month and he grew into his binkie.
Hali had a science fair at school and was given the theme of Force and Motion. She was so excited to do this. She put a lot of time and effort into her project and did it mostly on her own.

Carter was invited to go play hockey one night with our neighbor. He has never been on skates, not even rollerskates! He was out on the ice for a few hours and fell A LOT! He yelled through the glass to me, "This is hard!!!" But he always jumped right back up and kept going. After all the warm-ups and drills, the boys played a game and he even scored a goal. He was pretty happy! I was impressed he stuck with it and didn't slow down. I would have thrown in the towel!


Hayden is such a good little baby. He hardly ever cries and when he does, it's more like a whimper. He has been sleeping through the night since December 31and started smiling in January. He is always happy! I heard on the radio one day that a baby cries on average 112 minutes per day. I was so shocked! That's almost 2 hours!!! I think Hayden's whimpers are less than 30 minutes a day.
Paige loves to have him all to herself while Carter and Hali are at school. (Paige's boy doll is wearing one of Hayden's preemie outfits! He was so little!)
Carter and Todd started working on Carter's Pinewood Derby car about 3 weeks before the race. It turned out to be quite a family affair. Everyone was full of ideas for his car. Carter designed the shape, sanded it, helped tape off the tires, painted the undercarriage and helped put the decals on. Todd spent a lot of time on the paint, while Carter "supervised". They put a lot of time into it and had a fun time together. We all wore our BYU Basketball shirts to the race to cheer him on! (Thanks, Dad for the shirts!) We didn't bring him any luck, but we all had fun.

Friday, June 24, 2011


One of my favorite traditions is decorating gingerbread houses. Our little family has done it for three years now. We got together with some of the Sanderson cousins and had a lot of fun.
On Christmas Eve, we went to visit Grandpa Durney (Todd's grandpa) who is 100 years old. He is an amazing man! The kids always love to go visit him and look at all of his wooden toys and trinkets he has made. 4 generations
For Christmas this year, Louise, Brad, and Julie came over. They stayed the night Christmas Eve and it was really fun to have them with us all day. The kids were really excited to see what Santa left for them. (Paige loves her candy!) Carter got an Air Hogs remote control helicopter and Beyblades & a stadium.

Hali got Bop-It Bounce (and something else the camera didn't catch). Paige got a guitar with a microphone and a Strawberry Shortcake remote control car. Trying out her sled....Hmmmm. Hayden got a turtle stuffed animal and diapers.